Get more patients in the door

Acquire more referrals

Motivate patients to pay their bills today

Decrease costly no-shows

Get patients to say yes to treatment recommendations


Entrepreneur, Amazon bestselling author and practicing general dentist, Christopher Phelps, DMD, CMCT works with professionals across the country in identifying their marketing hurdles and showing them how to succeed and grow in an otherwise tough, competitive economy.

The only dentist in the world to be named a Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT), Chris teaches participants to use Cialdini’s Principles of Influence to ethically steer patients to more referrals, decreased no shows and higher case acceptance.

Learn unique, inexpensive methods for doubling your new patient numbers by reaching potential patients on a larger scale. Stop losing opportunities and start converting more new patient phone calls. Explore how to tap into an overlooked segment of the population who are eager for your services, want to have healthy mouths and are willing to pay for it. Discover ethical influence and persuasion techniques which decrease no shows and increase case acceptance for any procedure in dentistry.

Dynamic Presentations

  • Guide Them to YES

    How to GET Them IN the Door and Guide Them to YES!

    Attract more new patients and increase case acceptance without wasteful marketing expenditures. Learn how grass roots marketing and a dental $avings plan can help you tap into an unlimited supply of fee-for service new patients and increase practice revenue. Explore the principles of influence and persuasion and how to tailor your presentation style to meet the needs of each patient. Learn how to utilize external, internal and grass roots marketing to survive the corporate tsunami that is engulfing the dental landscape today.

    Learn how a Dental Membership Plan can grow your practice!



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  • magnetic-speaker

    Ethical Principles of Persuasion for Dentistry

    The success of any business is measured by the team’s ability to accomplish goals. Those goals are met by ethically persuading and inspiring others to share a vision and pursue a common purpose. We live in a world where those who are the most persuasive are the most prosperous. How successful we are in our professional and personal life depends on our ability to influence others.

    This interactive, fast-paced course tailored for dentists and their teams addresses their distinct issues and challenges with patients, potential patients, staff, and even the competition. This unique course combines the science of influence with its profitable and ethical applications.

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Look for Dr. Phelps at:

Sep 30, 2017
The Strategic Practice Meeting; WI

Oct 7, 2017
University of North Carolina; Chapel Hill

Oct 27, 2017
IDT Digital Denture Conference; Baltimore, MD

Nov 4-5, 2017
Apnea Today Conference; Chicago, IL

Mar 8-10, 2018
American Academy of Dental Practice Administrators

Mar 16-17, 2018
Practice On Fire; San Diego, CA – Get $200 off registration with code: influencevip200

Apr 6-7, 2018
Dental Summit Meeting; Phoenix, AZ

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“Dr. Phelps is an excellent speaker, articulate, easy to understand and entertaining. He really shines when he discusses and shows examples of how he has implemented the principles in his own (very successful) dental practices. I highly recommend his workshops to all professionals.”Dr. Cassandre J., North Carolina