10 Easy Ways to Stop Missing Calls and Losing New Patients

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Does your staff do a good job answering the phone, or do they miss calls? How do you know? By “missed” we mean a call that goes to voicemail, get’s a busy signal or the caller hangs up because no one in your office answered it in time. In my work with Call Tracker ROI, I’ve discovered that typical dental offices miss 34% of the potential new patient calls they … Read More

Does Your Practice Offer a Dental Savings Plan? You Might Be Surprised at the Patients You Attract!

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dental savings plan

If you’re trying to expand your practice in a competitive environment, an in-house Dental Savings Plan (DSP) can help you attract new patients. In a DSP, members pay a set annual fee. They basically become “members” of your practice. In return for the fee, they receive a certain number of cleanings, examinations, and x-rays, as well as discounts on expensive procedures. The benefits for patients is that in-house DSPs are … Read More

How and When to Use Cialdini’s Principle of Reciprocity to Ethically Influence Patients to Say Yes

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How many times have you seen “free teeth whitening with new patient exam” plastered across a colleague’s web page or advertisement? Or, how many of us have tried it? I hear consultants tell their dentists to run such giveaways to drive new patients to their practices all the time. So what is wrong with enticing people with a gift such as this to get them through the door? The problem … Read More

How to Grow Your Practice with Wine, Cheese and a Dental Savings Plan

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grow your practice with wine and cheese

If you were an early adopter of dental savings plans, the opportunity to capture an untapped fee for service market was exciting. We know among adults over 45, 59 percent are uninsured. It should be an easy sell right? It is important to point out that a dental savings plan is not a dental discount plan, nor is it an in-house financing plan like CareCredit. In-house savings plans are based … Read More