Truly Impressive Ability

“It’s easy for me to recommend Dr. Chris Phelps highly as a Principles of Persuasion Workshop presenter because I am confident that participants in his workshops will do the same. That is so not just because of his engaging presentational style but also because of a truly impressive ability to link workshop material to specific actions steps that improve participants’ bottom lines.”

—Dr. Robert Cialdini

“This course opened my eyes to an entire world that already existed in my practice and gave me the tools to tap into it.”Blake Julian, DDS
“Dr. Phelps knocked it out of the park! This program should be mandatory for every dentist in the United States!”Richard Rasmussen, DDS

A lot of great ideas!

“I really did not want to come to this course due to the 4.5 hour drive and leaving town on Saturday a.m., but I am so glad I did! Chris made it fun and I left with a lot of great ideas that I know can work in our office!”

—Jennifer, Team Member

Truly empowering

“For a shy, introverted person such as myself, it was very exciting and reassuring to find out that there are proven, reproductive principles that can be learned in order to become influential and persuasive. Grateful for the opportunity to be exposed to such knowledge. It is truly empowering!”

—Dr. Dana Cuculici

“I feel that I can now take a more scientific approach to marketing and have a good understanding of ad design in terms of causing a positive response.”

“This was a great service and value for the money. I am very happy!”

“Lots of excellent and relevant content!”

“Very organized and comprehensive.”

chris phelps reviews

“I was very grateful to find out about this workshop. I’ve heard great things about the book, INFLUENCE, and I listened to the audio book. Honestly, I struggled to figure out how to apply the principles in my dental practice. This course has really helped me to see so many possibilities and opportunities when interacting with patients to gain trust and case acceptance. Thank you!”

—Lisa Curry, DMD; Curry Dental Center

Chris Phelps is a powerful authority of delivering the Cialdini’s principles

“The Principle of Influence for Dentistry has been very informative not only for myself but the other five staff members including the Dr. that were able to attend the two day workshop. Chris Phelps is a powerful authority of delivering the Cialdini’s principles. He lays it out step by step to help you take these influences back to your own practice and ‘Make it Happen.’ Chris tells us that people are so predictable but it is the way in which you use all ethical, authority and consistency plans that applies to each unique situation to increase NP and case acceptance while reducing no shows. It is the small ways you can change your verbiage and body language with proven results.”

—Chris Enslev Brantford, ON Canada

Playing it right

“In this era of CE courses in dentistry being sold to dentists solely for income of the presenter and the dentist going home with no useful data, it was humbling to come across Dr. Phelps playing it right with a large heart.”

—Dr. Maulik N., Texas

70 people signed up

“You helped me out with my Dental Savings Plan a few months ago. I want to thank you for your help as we now have over 70 people signed up on the plan in just these past 4-5 months! So thank you very much!

—Dr. David Stern

Impressed & Excited

“Prior to the meeting my staff was apprehensive about it but when they returned, they were very impressed and excited about implementing the principles. Thank you!”

—Dr. John U., Georgia

Powerful Principles

“While these principles seem simple and intuitive, they are so powerful. People are complex and getting them to get the help they desperately need can be challenging. I am excited to implement these principles so I can help more of my patients achieve better oral health.”

—Gave Adergan, DMD

Phelps is awesome!

“You know how hard it is for a group of dentists to agree on ANYTHING? Well, we had 75 survey responses from the event and every single one gave Chris Phelps the highest possible rating 4 out of 4. So I guess that means the ONLY thing dentists can agree on is that Phelps is AWESOME!”

—Dr. Michael Ling,
Dentist and Co-Organizer 
Practice on Fire speaking event

Helps Any Business

“The POP workshop was definitely worth the time. I learned ‘the power of words’ when speaking to patients that benefits our office and the patient. This course teaches you how to get your patient to say ‘yes’ utilizing tools you already possess that would help any business.

– Erin, Business Assistant

An Ironclad System

“Dr. Chris Phelps quickly and easily solves the two major issues facing dental practices today. 1) Not enough new patients. 2) Low percentage of treatment acceptance. While there are many speakers and coaches speaking on these issues, Dr. Phelps has developed an ironclad system to bring all the parts together. From the initial phone call, to the ethical persuasion techniques of presentation to making it affordable to all family budgets (insurance or not). Chris has all the answers you are looking for.”

—Linda Miles, Virginia

Nothing short of fantastic

“I’m a raving fan! The way Dr. Chris Phelps applies the Principles of Persuasion to the practice of dentistry is nothing short of fantastic! His unique combination of likability and humbleness are gifts that make him shine as a master of influence. This course is a requirement for every dentist and team member! Dr. Phelps has exposed the secrets to getting your patients to say yes and yes and yes! Run, don’t walk, for this valuable experience.”

—Linda Lakin, RDH, VP of AADPA,
owner of Linda Lakin Consulting

“Amazing information you can’t find anywhere else. Totally applicable and ethical!”

—David Sherberg

No one has left our office without scheduling an appointment

“Three weeks ago my staff and I finished the Principles of Persuasion workshop. Since then, no one has left our office without scheduling an appointment. Case acceptance is notably increased thanks to the price stairs technique. A/R is dramatically higher the past 2 weeks. The course has paid for itself already.”

—Dr. Peter B., Walpole

Pivotal to my personal and professional growth

“I feel that what I’ve learned just in the first day will change so many aspects of how I deal with patients, and will be pivotal to my personal and professional growth. I never realized how much power small things can have, and how much positive change can be almost effortlessly put into motion.

—Gayle Joyce, RDH

Vast wealth of knowledge

“Dr. Phelps’ willingness to share his vast wealth of knowledge and expertise sets him apart as one of the finest dental practitioners I’ve ever met or worked with. He has taught me much about dental implants, practice management, dental technology and materials. I continue to recommend Dr. Phelps to new dentists who could learn from him and to any of my patients who are moving to the Charlotte area.”

—Jonathan Lowry, DDS

An Amazing Feat

“It was such a life changing event. I have practiced the teachings all week long at the practice and starting to see the success. Just like he mentioned, It takes a small pin to pop a balloon so little words and little changes here and there can make a huge difference. Thank you so much.”

—Dr. Isha P., Centreville, Ohio

dr phelps helps - dental seminar

“Dr. Phelps has taken it to another level! Great info that I can use tomorrow!”

—Dr. Terry Zervos

“Thank you very much for making the trip up to Milwaukee to present on the Principles of Persuasion. Those two days got me more excited about dentistry than any other course I have ever taken. I cannot wait even more now until September when I apply these principles in private practice.”

—Dr. Mike Urbaitis, Delafield, WI

Easy to Incorporate

“This workshop covers things that affect my business that no one else is talking about. This makes sense and seems easy to digest and incorporate. My whole team was very attentive throughout both days!

—Manta Kori

“Dr. Phelps is a very engaging speaker which makes the experience very enjoyable.”Linda H., New England

Helps in all aspects

“This workshop was one of the best ones my team has been to! Everyone had great ideas and wants to work together to improve the practice. It also helps in all aspects of life and dealing with others. Thanks Dr. Phelps!”

—Dr. Mamta K., Middletown, OH

Shocked to see the results

“After I took the course I was very thrilled to implement positive things to the office. As a team, we applied the principles on following Monday, such as using ‘anchor,’ liking, reciprocation, etc. I tracked the case acceptance on NP and crs on the existing patients. It worked!! All the NPs scheduled back with tx. Acceptance of tx on crs were 80% from the existing pts. I was so shocked to see how the science behind this principles actually reproduced.”

-Dr. Yoon Y, Centreville, OH

Highly rated

“You did a fantastic job. I could actually feel the energy as I was reading though the remarks on the evaluations. Yes, the information was highly rated. But, it was your translation, customization and ability to relate to these participants that made the critical difference. Thanks so much for making us all look so good. Chris, you made me proud.”

—Bobette G., Vice President, Influence at Work

Yielded a higher sale

“I changed my treatment presentation style today by creating 3 price point starter packages for a new customer. I asked a lot about his needs before presenting. Overall, I believe it yielded a higher sale because of the anchoring technique. Thank you!”

—Gena B., Implant Direct

Perfect combination of science and ethics

“This is training that I’ve been waiting for all of my adult life! There is no fluff, no hype, no psychobabble, just the perfect combination of science and ethics.”

—Blake L., Florida

Tremendous Benefits

“Dr. Phelps course is a must do for any serious dentist looking to take their office to the next level. He will teach you how to actually get patients to do the treatment they need! We are only 1 week past the course and are already seeing tremendous benefits in our practice!”

—Dr. Matthew Ross

Principles of Persuasion Workshop Attendee Comments:

  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. I can use the concepts in my office and in my life.”
  • “Dr. Phelps was extremely prepared and provided applicable and relevant insight.”
  • “Realistic tools that we’re going to use to grow the practice. I loved it!”
  • “This class is very informative and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in building their business.”


“As dentists we sometimes focus too much on how to do procedures and not enough time on how to get patients to accept our treatment plans. This course will help increase your case acceptance tremendously and allow you to do the procedures you want by utilizing the principles of persuasion.”

—Jansen Donoghue, DMD

Dr. Phelps is a fantastic speaker

“Dr. Phelps is a fantastic speaker! I really enjoyed his POP workshop and was able to implement 2-3 things right away in the practice. I highly recommend this workshop for dentists and their entire staff. I am looking forward to attending his marketing workshop next.”

—Jennifer R., Director of Marketing & Operations

The POP workshop is a business improvement “gold mine”

“As a practicing dentist and business owner, the POP workshop is a business improvement ‘gold mine’. The material is something that will be top of mind for me as I continue to look for ways to add value to my clients and get better at what we do.

—Dr. Richard Rocarelli

We’re about to break records!

“We completed veneers #(6-11) on the very first patient we asked this morning. She returned for me to crown #4-5 because the old alloy looked ugly and she wanted her smile improved. She’s a walking smile now and keeps telling us how much she loves her smile… and us. Her recall is scheduled and she’s signing a release, getting photos taken, writing testimony AND wants to join our DSP because she’ll be retiring soon and will lose her dental benefits!! Wow! I told my wife we usually trip over things and break something in the process, but this time we ‘tripped over’ Dr. Phelps through GEMS, and are about ‘break’ records!”

—Dr. B.

Now I can see how these principles can change anyone’s stance

“The knowledge and applications in ‘real world’ situations is fantastic! I can understand things that I never could fathom before and was dumbfounded as to WHY people did certain things. Now I can see how these principles can change anyone’s stance—maybe not 100% of the time—but frequently enough that it will have a major impact upon your life. And theirs!”

—George A. Bare, DMD

We must continue to implement your recommendations

“I wanted to let you know we celebrated another Patient Appreciation Day recently. The event was well attended and grew a great deal from last year. Patients were very appreciative and it was an overall success. We were able to book a 14 unit veneer cosmetic case at the event as well. We as a team must continue to implement your recommendations. Thank you for your continued help and support with everything. “

—Dr. Mark, Canada

“A lot of awesome content in this course. I feel very confident in my ability to use what I’ve learned to help patients in accepting treatment to better their oral health and grow our practice!”

I learned a tremendous amount of extremely helpful informatino

“Thank you for a fantastic seminar. I learned a tremendous amount of extremely helpful information this weekend. If I could take it all over again next weekend, I would. I enjoyed every minute of it and found it to be very valuable. I look forward to staying involved via social media and in any other way I can.”

—Danielle Liotta
Tischler & Patch Dental
and Tischler Implant Dentistry

Medical Industry Presentations

“Dr. Phelps delivered a wonderful two-day workshop on Influence & Persuasion. He brought great energy and was very engaging. We are really looking forward to implementing this information into our daily method of operation! Thank you kindly!”

—Parker D. Brooks, Stem Cell Centers

“I really enjoyed the Principles of Persuasion workshop. There was not a boring moment. The information presented was mind-blowing and innovative. The principles presented will help me to approach my clients appropriately. I am happy to have attended.”

—Elizabeth Stone, NP, Stem Cell Centers

“One of the most effective presentations I have attended. Communication excellent, organization excellent, audio visual excellent.”

—Michael Meng, DC

“Dr. Phelps’ amazing seminar really touched a lot of topics to help me grow in my position and to further exceed my great customer service skills. Dr. Phelps has helped me so much and I am very appreciative of it. ”

—Marisela, Front Desk; Advanced Spine and Pain Clinics